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an excellent guide

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rev. paperboy (god is an iron)

Mr. underhill sir,
a most excellent guide to the selection of the proper axe. One further piece of advice you may want the reader to have is that buying the same model guitar as your favorite player will not make you sound like them. Studying their technique is much more important.
Having said that however, certain types of guitars are known for certain types of tones, especially among solid and hollow body electrics. Rickenbackers for example are well-known for their sort of jangly sound (a favorite with 60's pop bands like the Beatles and Byrds) Les Pauls are famous for their extended sustain. Hollow body Gibsons are known for a more mellow tone, thought they also deliver excellently crunchy riffs with sufficient distortion.
May I suggest an entry on guitar effects that explains what distortion pedals, wah-wah pedals, phase shifters etc do? I know I would read it....

an excellent guide

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Jimbob - Got a Favourite Band? Tell Us All About It at A2464355

An article on the various effects available would be massive - but great fun to research!

I used to own a guitar pedal called a 'Hard Attacker'. Can't remember who made it, but it was made of folded aluminium and was about the size of an encyclopaedia. Anyone know any more about it?

an excellent guide

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Well I have recently bought an effects pedal and in the manual it explained about what they all do. But surely someones already done it?

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