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Alien worlds quantified or not?

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according to the scientist in edinbourgh there are around 38,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy alone. i think that that accusation is a complete "hit or miss" subject.
Are they 100% correct or 100% wrong?

i personally believe that they are in the right direction, but have got lost on the way!

38,000? more like 50-100.

whats your opinion?


Alien worlds quantified or not?

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I personally think that their is a lot of life out there. If humans were the only being then this universe has failed badly! The question as always is when would we find another race of beings? I would like to think sooner rather then later, it would distract the world from all current wars/problems and give us something differant to concerntraite on.

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Alien worlds quantified or not?

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