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My baby was delivered by crash section on July 19th 1996.
One minute I was lay in bed watching the opening ceremony to the olympics, the next minute I've got umpteen nurses and assorted doctors surrounding me, trying to feed lines into my veins.
I had pre-eclampsia and my baby had gone into foetal distress.
After half an hour or so, everything was ok, the baby's heart rate was stable and so I was left to get some sleep(practically impossible when you are connected to one of those BP machines that checks your blood pressure every 15 minutes).
At 6am on the 19th I suddenly felt really poorly. I buzzed for a nurse.
I remember nothing after that.
My husband tells me that I was given a pre-med and was wheeled to the op theatre at a speed that would have left Jaques Villeneuve standing(my favourite F1 driver of the time and, susequently the man who we named our son after).
46 minutes later my beautiful son was delivered weighing a respectable 4lb 11oz and 4 weeks early.
Due to my pre-eclampsia, he had suffered a stroke in utero and now has cerebral palsy.....but that operation saved both our lives and there isn't a thing I would change about him.
I found the worst thing about recovering from a C-section to be the fact that I had to crouch down, grip my tummy with my hand and say a little prayer that my stitches would remain closed every time I needed to cough or sneeze.

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Crash section

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