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two-ply synchonicity

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Uncle Ghengis

Does anyone else have problems with the synchronicity of their 2-ply toilet paper? It bugs me when it happens, but of course the solution is to take the outside layer and unwrap it one revolution (without unwrapping the inner layer) - then the perforations should line up perfectly.

Unfortunately, in some cases - especially with the cheap paper I buy - it still doesn't line up exactly.

two-ply synchonicity

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Cheap toilet paper, IMO, has far more pressing problems...

two-ply synchonicity

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Cheerful Dragon

We've used cheap toilet paper, but we found that we had to use so much (compared to the more expensive variety) that there was no real saving. We went back to the more expensive stuff pretty quickly!

two-ply synchonicity

Post 4

Uncle Ghengis

I don't buy the very cheap stuff. But I don't buy that posh vevety stuff either! I reason that I don't need to flush my money down the toilet.

two-ply synchonicity

Post 5

Sea Change

Charmin seems to be particularly guilty of this manufacturing error. Typicallly, if one roll has this problem, all the rest do, too, so I solve the problem by returning the entire thing to the store. (I am one of those folks who always plans to have lots of extra, so I can do just this)

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