A Conversation for Toilet Roll - Over, Under or Not at All?

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I am a little worried that by discussing this subject, even in an ironic way, you are literally disclosing your own anal fixation. When you put the bog roll onto the spindle, most of the time it is not clear if it’s going to result in so-called overhand or so-called underhang. So the third way is just to go wild, roll the dice and take your chances. Use WHATEVER end of the roll hangs down, crazy rebel-man, yeah! Maybe the world will come to an end, in which case you can feel free to sue me. But I bet the news reports will be very entertaining that day.

If you really do think that posh people are more likely to care about the orientation of their bog rolls then you are mistaken. Everyone knows they use swan’s necks instead of paper. But if you find someone who does care, and who disagrees with you, just say this:

YOU: ‘Well, it’s funny, Derek and I went to the Queen’s Garden Party last year, and we had a delightful time, oh no, lounge suits were quite acceptable, some of the ladies’ hats were lovely though. I must say. I was so embarrassed when I needed to use the royal doublevay cay (continental pronounciation here please, it’s more refined), but I took the liberty of seeing which way E.R. hangs, and you know what, she’s an UNDERHANGER. And not only is she the head of state, but she’s the head of the Church of England too, so what she says really GOES, not just with you, but with God too.’

Feel free to append some swearing onto the end of this, just to rub their noses in it. What, do they think they’re posher than the Queen of England? The beauty of this story is, you plebs are never going to be able to check, so feel free to substitute over- for under-hanger if you should so desire.

PS: I am not discussing this subject, I am 'having a go', so you cannot construe that I am anally fixated, in fact I have the badge to prove that I am not.

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