A Conversation for Toilet Roll - Over, Under or Not at All?


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Just seems more natural.

On another note, I was somewhat disappointed with this article, but not because of the way it was written. It's just that I was expecting the eternal conundrum to be solved; Do you "wipe" under, or over(behind)?

It's suprising how many people disagree on this, believe me, I've asked before!


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Depends on how asleep I am when I hang it, but usually under!

I thought it was about the 'external conundrum' too. How disappointing!


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Captain Kebab

I have a hazy recollection that on one of the threads that led to this entry (there were several) this very point was discussed, in detail and at length. Perhaps a search of the conversations for 'bog roll' may yield some results. Other than that I wouldn't know where to look. There's nothing stopping you starting a nwe thread in Ask h2g2 - it's exactly the sort of thing that gets lots of response! smiley - smiley


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Synthetic Jesso (I'm not real)

"Do you "wipe" under, or over(behind)?"

Gals, I know, should go front to back, to avoid, erm, "dragging"... apparently it causes health problems.


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Captain Kebab

Here's more than enough to satisfy your curiosity - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/F19585?thread=105585&skip=0&show=20 It gets to the point quite quickly. I notice that I stated my preferences quite early on in the thread - I don't know what that says about me. :-/


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Ooh - having studied the criteria (very carefully), turns out that I'm a 'seated over folded'.

Wow, now I'm happy. And, erm, pretty grossed out! lol

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