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Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

Your entry is great! Just the kind of stuff I like to read, lurk who me?

Yet you say USB...

Maybe that could be USB 2.0

Even with 'USB2' you may see latency with some application's.

i.e. A multi-user game. So if it's part of the 'project'... Best stick with the network card. You shoot, they move oh so quick.

USB Pha...

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Zak T Duck

You're right of course, but sometimes if you've not got a spare PCI bay or if you're someone who isn't that confident taking their PC apart (I'm not one of these people, my PC spends more time with its case off than on smiley - smiley) then maybe the USB or firewire adaptor is the best option. I run a USB adaptor from my dad's three year old Pentium 2 he has in the lounge as all its bays are full, and it seems to handle just fine for what he uses it for (web access, online radio and occasionally a Quake 3 deathmatch smiley - winkeye) I've not seen many USB2 wireless adaptors yet, maybe more will appear on the market when 802.11g goes mass market within the next couple of months. smiley - smiley

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