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Tales from Topographic Oceans album

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I'm just wanting to know what people think of this album. From what I hear, most people either seem to really like it or hate it vehemently (including Rick Wakeman!). Personally I occupy the middle ground-haven't listened to it much but thought maybe it was a little long and drawn-out- didn't mind 'The Revealing Science of God' but by later tracks was starting to wear on...

Tales from Topographic Oceans album

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DJP (Keeper of small things - see A598647 for more details)

It's a goodie if you ask me - it is intricate,and interesting, but not as overblown as some people claim.

Certainly a good editor would have cut five or tem minutes and got it onto one CD, these days, but at the time with the LP format offering 4 x 22 minutes on double album it worked.

The latest (2003) re-issues of the piece with a number of "work in progress" bonus tracks makes it all seem fresh and interesting again to me - git it a go.

Tales from Topographic Oceans album

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The Psycho Chicken -- self respect intact

Hi Lyniezian,

Definately the "marmite" of Yes albums smiley - biggrin. Personally, I love Yes, but can't stand it. I give it a spin every now and then to see if I've changed my mind, but usually give up after the first side. And that drum solo in 'Ritual' is torture!!!

Each to their own (and you should definately make your own mind up) but for me it's all that's bad about prog.

smiley - chick

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