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Stonehenge Builders' Village

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The 'footprint' of a hge village, thought to have housed the builders of Stonehenge, has been found at Durrington Walls...


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Stonehenge Builders' Village

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Hi Big Al, try thinking about it this way. They were just like we are in the 21st century ce. They built a big "National Cathedral" out of big rocks from all across the country, then built a "Butlin's" to hold all the people who came to the festivals all year round. Yes, just like a Holiday Camp. They must have made a fortune like Las Vegas.

smiley - biggrin The folks who came all the way from their own land to be a part of the solstice or equinox rituals at the biggest feast in the land needed somewhere to stay, since the local community was too small to house them all.

I can hear the High Priestess now, saying "Come one, come all, to the finest ritual smiley - cheerup, dance smiley - run and party smiley - bubblysmiley - alesmiley - cakesmiley - cheers in the land. smiley - magic. Bring a cow or a pig to eat, or you can buy cow, venison, pig or bird from our excellent hunters."

"We have houses for you to stay in, just bring a sacrifice, and you get a free cottage, that we will clean for you when you go home".

Makes more sense to me than a bunch of fur and skin wearing cavemen running around saying UG and being whipped into dragging big stones about by some old bloke like Catweazle

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