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Recreating Stonehenge

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Just read (in the Salisbury Journal) that the quarry firm 'Preseli Bluestone', who own the quarry in Wales where the Stonehenge bluestones were quarried from, plans to recreate the monument as it would have looked in the Bronze Age, at a site in the Cotswolds. Originaslly, Stonehenge hadt stone circles but the remains of only 3 are still standing. The company plans to build all seven from scratch.
It is hoped that the new monument will be completed by 2009 and will be opened as a tourist attraction.
The exact site still has to be decided but one possibility is the Cotswold Water Park, which straddles Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.
The new Stonehenge will be built using both modern and ancient methods, which the public will be invited to watch.
The intention is that the new monument will look exactly as the original would have looked 4000 years ago.

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Recreating Stonehenge

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Gnomon - time to move on

That is, bluestones, but none of the big sarsen circles?

Recreating Stonehenge

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Yes, that's how I read it, so it would be essentially how SH looked after Phase II - but all the articles I've so far read aere remarkably coy about this. I think most people's expectations would be for a recreation of the trilithons we see today smiley - sadface


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