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Save Every Penny!

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Many people through away little change like pennies. Well, if you don't have a job, a source of income, then you have no penny to waste. You should also pick up any money you find on the floor. This is known as scaving by many, smart by others. You wouldn't believe how much money you can find on the ground. I remember one time when i just walked along my round to a shop and back, and a picked up about 10 pence in all. It's worth looking down and picking up coins on the floor. You never know when you're gonna get lucky and pick up a 50 pence or 1 pound coin.

Any coins you pick up, and any little pennies you get in change, should all be collected in a box or tub or piggy bank if you want. Collect all this money together, and you'll find it vey useful when you need to buy things. you could use the money to treate yourself to a takeaway, by yourself a chocolate bar, or put it towards the bills. Either way, you will find the money extremely useful, and you cannot afford to waste money.

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Save Every Penny!

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