A Conversation for Coping With Redundancy

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I've seen redundancy both by having to make people redundant, then later becoming redundant myself.

Its fairly traumatic to do to someone - certainaly the worst aspect of anyones job, trying to be fair and clear, its not easy to do

On being made redundant
First there is disbelief, surprise, later anger and shock, then for me at least a strange euphoria - at last a chance to break out and do something else, I felt I could do anything (although at nearly 50 finding another job was tough to start with). After doing the companies bidding in making others redundant, I found myself very critical of the way it was done for my colleagues and to some degree myself. The Managing Director of the company was unable to use the word 'redundant' when talking to me or writing letters, when that was clearly the case, I did not argue until I was clear what was on offer.

Redundancy is not the worst moment in your life - try Divorce or death of a loved one... it should be seen as a chance to move on clear teh decks and do something else. Forget the self esteem 'they don't want me' idea, their loss is your gain, find something else and do it, even if its less money/kudos or satisfaction, and do it. I laugh now at my colleagues who remained in the company , they are company people through and through ....until they get made redundant soon....

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Seen from both sides

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