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Pedestrian right of way

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As far as I am aware, according to my (recent) highway code, a pedestrian automatically has right of way as soon as they step on to the road , whether at a crossing or not. This is not a phenomenon any motorist seems to be aware of, or a law I would care to test. It is, however, useful to shout at car driver who blame you for daring to cross a road.

Pedestrian right of way

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Thanks for reading!

My copy of the Highway Code is out of date as I haven't picked up the latest version yet. However I did check on the online version to look, and I can't find it. Can you let me know the rule number? I don't think the entry needs updating, but it is interesting. I know pedestrians have right of way crossing a junction, but there is no mention of that being the case all of the time.

Pedestrian right of way

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A pedestrian may have right of way on the road anywhere (the alternative is after all quite messy), however it is only legal to be on the road at a specified crossing point. So if you cross elsewhere you should nnot be run over but could be arrested by an eagle eyed copper.

Pedestrian right of way

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Are you in the UK? It doesn't sound like it, as that's totally not the case here. We can cross anywhere we like.

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