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Refusal of GM Food

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Another reason why nations have turned down the offer of genetically modified food is that while it may have helped in the short term, the people may save some of it, and use it to grow more food.

While this sounds perfectly reasonable and proper, the governments fear that this will only open the doors to claims from the 'owner' of the genetic modifications to claims of patent infringement, leading to yet more spiralling debts for the poor countries involved.

See these articles, trawled up for more information:
http://www.panos.org.uk/environment/gm_food_aid_specialbriefing.htm (scroll down to 'GM Crops in Africa')
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This adds another problem to ponder in the debate on GM Foods. Should the companies that create them be permitted to charge anyone for derived plants, created from the seeds of those plants? If so, should they be held entirely liable for any damage done to the environment if something goes horribly wrong? I've not had to make that decision, but I understand the dilemma that the poorer african nations are in. I'm sure there is an answer, but I don't think it's one that big business wants to hear, which makes me wonder just who is running the show anyway..

Refusal of GM Food

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actually, what I heard is that if the people saved the food, and used it to grow more food, then countries in Europe would refuse to BUY the food (due to their irrational fear), and then these poor countries would lose a market for their produce.


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