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Halifax Banking & Building Offices, Congleton UK

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White Swan

Would you believe a woman slammed the door in my face one afternoon and, in doing so, nearly sliced the fingers off my 18mth son who was about to help me open the door.

Seems that the poor cashier needed a 'convenience break' from the long queue that she alone had been left to deal with, and so the onus had been put on the last person in said queue to lock the door whilst she had a quick break.

The fact that branch policy is, it appears, to allow a member of the public to treat its customers like this (not to mention the issue of security in handing the keys over to some stranger in the bank) has put me right off dealing with them in the future.

As for the woman, I sincerely hope that the subsequent stampede of the only other member of staff in the place to get to the door and look down the street in vain for me has, in some small way, made her question her attitude.

I doubt it.

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Halifax Banking & Building Offices, Congleton UK

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