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Dealing with beggars and charity collectors: If you don't want to give smile and say 'no thnak you', or 'i'm sorry, i only have my bus fare on me.'

Prams: users don't stop suddenly, stand in shop doorways or try to go faster than you are able and run over the backs of people's heels. allow others to pass if possible.
bystanders pass as soon as you can and be patient.

Mobile Phones: Use ring tones that go 'ring ring' under usual circumstances. If possible use the vibrate facility. If you are talking whilst walking in the city or dealing with anyone in a shop don't forget to acknowledge people around you, holding doors open and saying please and thankyou. If you can't do two things at once tell your caller you will ring them back when you can sit down on a bench.

Chivalry: most women don't object although you do get some that will be offended. if in doubt be chivalrous and see what response you get.

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Answering the questions

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