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toilet roll positioning etiquette

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Astroboy 69 (aka aardvark mutineer: keeper of heraldic ants)

it is a serious matter, which way one displays one's toilet roll on the holder in the toilet. the paper must be facing outwards, falling into the room from over the top, from the wall/door and over the roll. this is not only aesthetically more pleasing - i could stop here. that should be as much a reason as anyone needs - it makes it easier for the user to both take and guage the taking of paper from the roll while maintaining the shortest distance leaning away from the actual business of defecating or urinating and apply sufficient pressure to the roll to tear off the desired amount.

to assemble to toilet roll in the opposite way is to show disdain for the comfort of the user and should be frowned up. but one shouls also quietly and unheralded reverse the situation if one encounters the toilet roll appended to the holder an the incorrect and ugly fashion.

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toilet roll positioning etiquette

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Heleloo - Red Dragon Incarnate

Rolls are better under. I always change them to under It is easier to pull the paper from under the roll

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toilet roll positioning etiquette

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I too prefer the "over the roll" position.. aesthetically, ease of use AND ... lol mythical germs... I dunno but I don't like the idea of the paper dragging over the wall's surface before it's used. Besides whats the point of getting embossed, printed or otherwise tarted up toilet paper if you don't give it maximum surface area display????
P.S this is written with a grin. ( I don't sit on shop corners collecting number plate numbers or similiar obsessions with details)

toilet roll positioning etiquette

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Trout Montague


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