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Quiet shoes and safe shoes.

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Any footwear that calls attention to you when you are not Morris Dancing, tapdancing, flamenco dancing or clogging should be left at home. Otherwise, learn to walk with a rhythm so at least it will be marginally enjoyable.

Shoes that flip or clop or sound like a chihuahua on a snare drum are a threat to everyone's sanity and safety.
If you are walking through a deserted car park with shoes that keep you from hearing anything or anyone that might be around, then the price you pay for fashion might be greater than you think.

Also, it might be nice to be able to run occasionally, just in case.

No matter how good an acrobat you be, if a concerned citizen might watch you to see if you fall off your shoes or the shoes fall off you, then they are probably too high or not properly fastened.

Shoes make a definite difference in your health. Choose wisely, no matter how old you are and the benefits will be measurable.

Fashion kills.

Quiet shoes and safe shoes.

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paulh, the apocalypse is coming, it's just late

Black walking/running shoes are a reasonable
compromise. They're quiet. The black color
and lack of glossy shine increase the likelihood
that no one will see or hear them unless they
have a foot fetish a la the film "Polyester." smiley - erm

If, like me, you work in a place where your
shoes don't have to reflect tons of light, this
is fine all around. Outside work, you are just
blending in with the rest of the world.

But if you *do* have to wear glossy footwear
at work, take a tip from Melanie Griffith in
"Working Girl:" wear sneakers or walking shoes
to and from work, and carry your work shoes
with you. Change into them when you get to work.

Quiet shoes and safe shoes.

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

My feet wouldn't cope with wearing smart shoes ALL day - I would wear my walking shoes to and from work and smart ones for work. It doesn't matter to me if they don't go with a suit, they're comfy!

On a separate note, it's amazing how many parents are prepared to send their daughters to Brownies [youth group for 7-10 year old girls] wearing shoes or boots with slippery soles and/or heels. We play running around games and we aren't going to let them play in their socks (too skippy) or bear feet (unhygenic and we can't guarantee the hall doesn't have for example dressmaking pins or drawing pins on the floor. We've told them this, but they still do so.

Actually, a lot of parents don't seem to appreciate other adults looking after their kids - whether it's paid for such as child care or voluntary.

General point
A simple "thank you" for *any* service, whether or not you are tired, flustered, harangued, in a hurry etc, isn't going to hurt and will make others much happier and the world a nicer place.

Quiet shoes and safe shoes.

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

I've always dressed my child in sturdy, grip-soled shoes.

She's learned the lesson well.

The spousal unit, on the other hand...
once, when she cracked her ankle, slipping off a step wearing flip-flops, I had to sequester her backless shoes for a while and when she came home from the store with another pair of flip-flops, up they went onto the roof.

When I worked in hardware stores and other retail chains, I was amazed at the number of people who let their babies and children run around barefoot.

Last summer when my child was in a church activity that lasted a week during the days, she was the only one wearing shoes you could run in.
The rest of the young darlings were wearing backless sandals or flip-flops.
And their mummies weren't doing much better.

Shoes are a tool.

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