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The Homeless

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I am often dismayed at the reaction of pedestrians to the homeless and beggars. When someone asks you for money, a simple 'I can't' or 'I'm sorry' costs you nothing. Rudely stalking past or snapping costs you your dignity.

Begging is often not just about asking for money, it's about asking for social recognition or interaction and who are we to deny anyone this?

Also we must remember the addage, never crap on those below you on the social ladder, because you might meet them on *your* way down.

The Homeless

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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

i always find saying 'I'm really sorry but I've got three kids to support muyself' really helps.Having been homeless myself for a while-its surprising how easyily that sort of thing can happen- I totally agree that much of the time being treated as a member of the human race is what counts.

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