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skugga (ACE), keeper of shadows, lots of rats, no betta splendens anymore and badly drawn vampires

Beggars: Most of them around here even don't ask me for spare change, but for fags. For I am a person to roll her fags herself, I have to tell them: "Sorry, only tobacco", and it turns out they are not able to roll fags... that's the point when I start to roll one for them, they want to give me some change for being so nice and I refuse it. During the rolling process, I get weired glances from all the people around at the train station... "She's talking to this filthy guy...", but, tell you what, I didn't care for that, I don't and I never will. Once, months after rolling a fag, one of those guys ran up to me - I remembered his face vaguely - producing a fag to me, thanked again and left. I was in a very good mood for the rest of the day!

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