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Wheelchair etiquette

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This is mostly second hand - I only use a wheelchair as a spare desk chairsmiley - winkeye

If someone doesn't ask you to push them...*DON'T*

If you're going to hold the door open hold it *wide* open and move your feet back behind the door or they will get squished.

Don't assume that someone in a wheelchair is trying to get past you...occassionally whelchair users like to browse in shops too - you won't believe the speend we get through busy shops as people *let us past* when actually we're just trying to meander through.

If someone pokes you on the a**e don't turn round with that look of disgust on your face just step out of the way.

Don't stand and talk over someone in a wheelchair, don't talk down to a wheelchair user squat down and don't bend over (unless in hubby's case you're female and wearing a low cut top<leer&gtsmiley - winkeye

Never *ever* pat a wheelchair user on the head or ruffle their hair...they've been known to bitesmiley - winkeye

If you come across someone who's fallen out of their chair (or been thrown out by a caring partner like mesmiley - silly - damn railway lines) either:
a) if your very strong and confident you can lift a person easily scoop them up and put them back in their chair as quickly as possible (but give them a chance to grab around your neck so as you don't take all of their weight through their armpits<ouch&gtsmiley - winkeye
b) if there is *any* doubt that you can do a) then offer them a hand gripped wrist to wrist and stop the wheelchair rolling away (put the brakes on or stick a foot behond a castor), if necassary grab hold of a belt.

If someone does ask for a puch remember - fully grown adults weigh a *lot* more than a kid in a push chair and remember that different wheelchairs act differently some are very "tippy" and will do a wheely (and flip over) very easily, others will require you to put a lot of weight on the back just to get over the lip on a dropped kerb.

Thats all I can think of for now - I'm sure there are lots more (there is even an entry on it A383681 )

Wheelchair etiquette

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Ack...forgot to add about if you want to help someone who's fallen out of their chair - ask them first, they might need more careful help than just a hoik back into the chair

Wheelchair etiquette

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kelli - ran 2 miles a day for 2012, aiming for the same for 2013

"If someone pokes you on the a**e don't turn round with that look of disgust on your face just step out of the way"

I'm afraid that when out in public, my usual response to being poked in the a**e is not a friendly one! How am I to know that the poker is in a wheelchair - they *are* behind me after all.

Wheelchair etiquette

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abbi normal "Putting on the Ritz" with Dr Frankenstein

"Never *ever* pat a wheelchair user on the head or ruffle their hair...they've been known to bite""
smiley - laugh That is the best giggle today! Having spent some time in a chairsmiley - laugh Gotta remember that one!

My hubby accidentally left me on uneven ground in a park,I started rolling. I could tell from all he mouths agape,and the staring that I was loose and rolling on my own!smiley - laughFortunately a perfect size speed bump stopped me, without tossing me out of the chair *whew*
Driving someone in a chair is not to be done by space cadets and the drunk just as with autos!smiley - laugh

Good list smiley - biggrin I will check your entry toosmiley - run
smiley - disco

Wheelchair etiquette

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

thanks for the tips PQ. I think I follow most of those - I've not come across someone fallen out yet, so the tips about stopping the chair moving may be useful.

Wheelchair etiquette

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Kelli - understandable maybe I should rephrase it a bit - ie if someone pokes you on the a**e and you turn around and there isn't anyone there at eyelevel don't look *down* with that look of disgust on your face.

To be honest if it is busy and yelling "excuse me" isn't working I usually just use the chair as a slow battering ram to get people out of the way...it's not nice but it is effectivesmiley - erm

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