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On The Buses..

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Having my long hair grabbed by the person behind me on the bus was one of my pet hates when I was at school! smiley - laugh

A few years ago, when my daughter started secondary school and had to travel by bus, I informed her that she should always give up her seat to the elderly, pregnant women and those with young children. She obediently did this only to regularly remain un-thanked/ignored by those who took her place. smiley - cross

My daughter has asked me why people are so rude and ignorant and why she should bother to be polite... smiley - erm I've told her that she should continue to be polite and not sink to the same level as those who are rude and ignorant but somehow I don't feel this argument is strong enough...smiley - sigh

As for the insensitive morons who are rude enough to smoke on my daughter's bus, when it is clearly banned...smiley - bleep

On The Buses..

Post 42


smokers.....aaaaargggghhh!!!! ignorant .... why should i have to breathe their smoke.... have my clothes smell of their smoke???

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