A Conversation for Bad Habits and How to Stop Them

Overquoting... d'oh

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Mr Mooncheese

Quoting The Simpsons, Father Ted, and Withnail & I (film starring Richard E Grant & Paul McGann as out of work actors) ad nauseam is a terrible habit. I have it so badly I can hold an entire conversation using nothing but quotes. Is there anyone else who suffers from this dreadful conversational impediment, or is it just me?
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Overquoting... d'oh

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babblephish (2+2+8+1*6*5=42)


The Simpsons, Trainspotting, various Danish tv shows (hup hey!), Blackadder and Ninja USA (terribly, terribly bad movie)

Overquoting... d'oh

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Greybeard the Pirate

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Overquoting... d'oh

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