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Illness in Pregnancy

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I have been pregnant three times now and two of my babys have required special care after birth unfortunately the pregnancy in between ended in miscarriage.
My first baby was born ten weeks prematurely but probably would not have been here at all had I not listenend to my own body and mind. Always remember if you are pregnant that ANY concerns should be taken to your doctor, that headache you've had for just a few days may seem trivial and you might feel silly to see your doctor because you can't remember last time baby kicked but believe me it is better to be safe than sorry.
Also look after yourself, if you stay healthy then the chances of you becoming ill in your pregnancy are greatly reduced. Apart from all of that enjoy your changing body babys are a blessing and they grow into beatiful human beings!

Illness in Pregnancy

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ally the cat

I had a similar experience. I've had three pregnancys, the last of which ended in my daughter being born 5 weeks premature. This was due to Pre eclampsia, an illness which only arises in pregnant women. Its main symptom is high blood pressure and it can be fatal for both mum and baby. I had to spend three weeks in hospital resting and being monitored. It was actually a relief to get away from all the other stresses at home due to also having two other kids. After two weeks in special care my daughter came home and is now a healthy and thriving 7 month old. The lesson I learned from this was not to ignore advice from the midwives. I felt fine apart from being tired but they insisted that my blood pressure needed monitoring. I didn't realise how serious it could get. The thing about pre eclampsia is that it has only one cure - delivering the baby. Luckily things didn't get serious for me until 35 weeks when the baby had a very good chance of being fine. She needed help breathing for a few days but thats all!
If I ever did it again I'd spend more time resting and let my partner do a bit of pampering it might not have helped with the pre eclampsia but i would have made it a lot more of a relaxing experience

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