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Little things that make a difference.

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Bernadette Lynn_ Home Educator

From about seven months it can get really difficult to reach your feet, so tying shoelaces, cutting toenails, rubbing cream into dry skin and so on takes a ridiculous amount of effort. Having an offer of help with things like that is wonderful.

Short mothers run out of lung space fairly quickly as well so bending in general can be really hard for more than a few seconds; if you notice them stopping to gasp for breath every few moments, be sympathetic and offer to help.

Little things that make a difference.

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Since I am childless and hope to stay that way for several more years I can only offer a few don'ts for those who are working with or are friends with expecting women:

1. Don't ask questions about bodily functions. They're already uncomfortable. Asking "so, planning to breast feed" is a little too personal for the water cooler.

2. Don't touch them without permission, and don't ask to touch the baby unless it's a really good friend. For some reason, when a gal gets pregnant, her tummy becomes public property. I watched my boss endure many people coming right up to her and touching her belly. Be respectful.

3. Never ask a woman who may or may not be with child when they're due. If you're wrong it will embarass the both of you. Some wait for a specific moment to break the happy news on the office. So it may be wise to keep your observations to yourself.

4. Stick to simple topics. How is she sleeping? Is the nursery finished? What do you still need? are all appropriate baby conversations. Are you retaining water?, have you seen your feet in a while?, So, how much do you weigh now? are all good ways to get smacked.

Hope it's helpful.


Little things that make a difference.

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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

I was wondering about this part in the article. I agree with your sentiments as they appear in this conversation, but somehow they have been changed in the article in a way that seems quite offensive for baby topics!

Little things that make a difference.

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I noticed that too - was wondering who on earth thought they could be non-offensive questions! Is there any way to submit that for review? I can just see someone getting themselves in trouble over that.

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