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Just Enjoy The Pregnancy Ride !!

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My partner now has just 6 weeks to go till the birth of our first child and everything is going swimmingly well.

One thing that has struck me is that at this complicated and busy time, there is so much information and advice thrown at a mum to be she would need to have the brain of a polymath health freak to absorb it all !
It is all very well meaning but a good intention goes a long way. Just don't try too hard to remember every nugget of advice at the expense of just ENJOYING THE EXPERIENCE !

One thing I would suggest is drinking plenty of raspbery leaf tea as I really do feel it has a superb effect an mother and what she has to prepare for...........

But above all.. Relax and enjoy it !

Just Enjoy The Pregnancy Ride !!

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

Just one thing about raspberry leaf tea...
it stimulates the uterus, so is best drunk only in the last few weeks of pregnancy *just in case*.

smiley - tea

Just Enjoy The Pregnancy Ride !!

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chickadee (wheee!)

a little unrelated, but on the subject of rasberry leaf tea...some friends of ours replaced the water in their dog's bowl with rasberry leaf tea when she started labor and for a few days afterwards.....the dog liked it a lot, and she had very little trouble. the pups were all healthy, too.

Just Enjoy The Pregnancy Ride !!

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I loved being pregnant, particularly with my first baby. I enjoyed looking after myself and found having an excuse to slow my life down a real luxury. My second pregnancy wasn't quite as memorable because I had a toddler to look after while holding down a four-day-a-week job!

One of the best, simplest pieces of advice I read about pregnancy were: never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down. And I followed it.

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