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The artichokes began to drool....

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I don't know if this is the right place to raise this or not, but this article got me thinking and inspired me to think about one of my favourite TV shows, "The Big Bang Theory". I thought about how sitcoms work and how good ensemble comic acting makes or breaks them, and then I started searching h2g2 to see if anyone's written an Entry on TBBT. Unless I've been searching in the wrong places there's nothing at the moment, which is really surprising. (Intellectual comedy with a sharp edge starring the sort of characters EVERYBODY remembers from uni, together with tons of pop-culture references to scifi and fantasy - including Douglas Adams - what's not to like?)

The harebrained idea came to me that maybe I should think about writing the Entry. Together with Mondegreened lines from the theme tune about drooling artichokes and the universe being in a God-damned state. After all, I've been following the re-runs on C4 and E4, and the whole damn thing's grown on me - Jim Parsons' wonderful comic creation of Sheldon Cooper, the Beatle-haired wannabe casanova Howard Wolowitz, Leonard "the only sane man" Hofstadter, and Raj the neurotic Indian astrophysicist... together with the Nebraskan Corn-Queen Penny, the wonderful and lovely Bernadette, and the gawkily endearing Amy F-F...

Would this work or would it be too much for one Researcher?

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The artichokes began to drool....

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