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Buzz Lightyear: Getting Ever Warmer

smiley - ok I am slightly surprised no-one has mentioned these two before, but given the depth of comic genius out there, perhaps they just escaped notice for awhile. Anyway, I shall put that right now...

Every now & then a comic genius comes along & captures the comedy stage unlike ever before, but to have two is a real treat. Two modernday funnymen from the Lancastrian funnybone of the United Kingdom who never fail to get me smiley - laughsmiley - laugh ROFL smiley - laughsmiley - laugh &, trust me, I am usually quite a stoic person in getting me to laugh. smiley - winkeye One is Johnny Vegas, rarely seen without a can of lager in hand & a passionate supporter of his own Saint Helens Rugby League Club, & more recently Bolton's most famous son, Peter Kay who has penned the undeniably hilarious "Phoenix Nights" & one who has had such a successful sell-out UK tour honestly named "Mum Wants a Bungalow" that he had to increase the number of dates for as it proved so popular. Now I know what y'all thinking - smiley - cheesecake cheese...and cake..together?!!!? Garlic...& Bread?!!!? smiley - weird but if I recall correctly, both were first noticed @ the Edinburgh fringe festival as stand-up comedians who went on to succeed in television [Dichayaknow? Peter Kay even appeared as a shop fitter in Coronation Street back in, I think it was, 1997 & is the star of the John Smith's lager commercials too - 2 more lambooners (sp.?) 'ere! smiley - winkeye]. Both constantly come up with new material & keep the momentum of their acts going with brilliant incisive comment & double entendres about stuff we all know to be true. The great thing about them is it usually appears so spontaneous & fresh all the time with the other ingredient so essential in comedy, timing. Plus, working in stand-up comedy is never easy as it can be so merciless if the audience doesn't respond well except that wasn't a problem for them. smiley - cool Like Eric & Ern before them, they started in possibly the hardest place for comedy: stand-up, but successfully came through.
Who said comedy was smiley - skull dead?!! smiley - biggrin

smiley - magicsmiley - cheers

Comic Genii!

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Chadsmoor Charlie

It's spitting!

Charlie smiley - chick

Comic Genii!

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Peter Kay

What a guy.
Sound chap and his mate Paddy McGuinness smells nice too.

Phoenix Nights is a classic comedy and PK is an extremely talented young man.

Heres to d1cking about with invisible dog leads and those curtains that used to keep flies out that you maypole with

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Did you see Johnny Vegas when he did room 101?
I actually ended up doubled up on the floor wiith stomach cramp from laughing when he talked about the chatroom he used to visit.

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