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SCTV - Toronto

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Does anybody but me remember these people? They were brilliant!

SCTV - Toronto

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Hey, I'd remember it well... IF I was old enough to remember it!

What the heck, my parents loved it and VHS-recorded nearly every episode knowing that later I'd like to watch it. It's hilarious! I almost wish I'd been alive then to see it first hand!

Ah, but there were sooo many good skits... There were three skits I like best...

First of all, there was Monster Chiller Horror Theater. 'Count Floyd', a howling vampire (which never is explained) as played by Joe Flaherty is the filler on this scary film show. However, ALL the films they show are part of the Dr. Tongue 3D saga. Every time it comes on, you are bound to see a 3D film starring the mad scientist Dr. Tongue, played by John Candy, and his weird igor-resembling assistant, Bruno, as played by Eugene Levy. The titles ranged from Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Stewardesses to Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Pancakes... And all of them included a silly '3D' effect in which they shove objects close to the camera and pull them away.

Second, there was the SCTV news with Floyd Robertson, the 'real' identity of Count Floyd as played by Joe Flaherty, and Earl Cannonbert, as played by Eugene Levy. Throughout the news amazing and stupid stories would come on. Part of the jokes were over the news, but the real joke was the relationshipe between Floyd and Earl. Floyd is a serious newscaster who is very dignified. Earl is not always serious and a total clutz. They are completely incompatible. The write their own stories, and thus Earl's are always either insignificant or false. They face many problems, from meeting Walter Cronkite to being invaded by Mafia.

Third, there is Farm Film Celebrity Blow-Up. This has to be one of the funniest and yet oddest skits they came up with. It is hosted by Big Jim McBob (Joe Flaherty) and Billy Sol Hurok (John Candy), a couple of farmers who appearantly have somehow bought their own Film and Celebrity review show on SCTV. Also, in every skit, a celebrity comes to see them, and the celbrity, well, blows up. They literally explode. They, ahem, combust. It is a spectacularly silly skit, and many still wonder where that idea came from.

SCTV - Toronto

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hi Mikeguy,

Oh my god - I'm not alone!

In fact, a friend of mine used to work with SCTV as their costume designer.

Of course Chiller Thriller was great - Scaaaaaaaary stuff!

And Floyd Robertson was a take on a then REAL Canadian TV news reporter, called I think - Lloyd Robertson (very stiff upper lip sort of guy). But I always thought the Eugene Levy character was called Earl Camembert.

Also, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas created a whole Canadian joke thing about saying 'eh' all the time. At which time the word 'Hoser' became common lingo. And all Canadians suddenly started wearing toques and saying 'eh' (not that they hadn't done so before but now they did it with a sense of irony rather than basic self-preservation against minus 30 degree temps). Though there isn't, and probably has never been, any proper excuse for the 'eh' thing.

But what about 'As the Stomach Turns'? The SCTV daily soap opera.

And also Johnny LaRue (John Candy) who had a fitness programme where he would be sitting on a stationary bike that had an ashtray attached to it . . .

And of COURSE - the Guy! Martin Short. The Guy Who Couldn't Wait For Christmas has to be one of the funniest comedy skits I have ever seen.

Gosh, I am totally strolling down memory lane here . . .

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