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Robin Williams

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OK, before I start with the hero worship, I'll admit that he has feet of clay and has made some bad choices. Make your own judgement on those....

However, he has consistently been one of the funniest, most inventive and most energetic live performers I have ever seen. His 'Live at The Met' show for HBO in 1984 sets the standard for large-scale theatre comedy. Unashamed to plunder his own follies and foibles, there is an endearing honesty to his humour that is lacking in some of his contemporaries.
The frenetic, mercurial passion of his ramblings has an obvious influence on another great talent, Eddie Izzard.

Choosing film roles as diverse as 'Dead Poets' Society', 'The Birdcage', Disney's Aladdin series and the immortal 'Good Morning Vietnam', he has challenged audiences as often as he's challenged himself.
Anyone who can't get past the mental image of Mork and those braces should watch 'What Dreams May Come' and let their breath be taken...

He's my hero, what more can I say? smiley - winkeye

Robin Williams

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He is fantastic! Every time I watch what dreams may come, I cry. Normally I am speechless with laughter when I see him, especially Live at the Met.

Robin Williams

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let's not forget 'the world according to garp'. he's a walking carpet!

Robin Williams

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several, a/k/a random

robin is simply the best guest on late-night talk shows of the present day. he talks of himself, his family, whatever he's promoting with an array of voices, mannerisms, asides and bon mots, causing double-takes from the hosts. "did robin just say that?"
and then he'll bounce up off the chair and do two minutes of stream-of-thought, non-stop with even more voices and mannerisms.
jonathan winters was an early mentor; close your eyes and you can hear jonny's 'maudie frickert' character, and their interplay on the late 'mork' episodes is the old pro and the young buck--and the passing of a comedic torch.
the ONLY time i saw robin humbled was when johnny carson sat him down and praised him--usually comics would get three minutes and exit, but johnny called him over, sat him down in 'the chair' and they chatted until commercial. johnny knew talent.
smiley - musicalnote

Robin Williams

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I could list almost every film he's been in, I just picked a few of the better known ones.smiley - smiley

I have a particular fondness for 'The Fisher King'. It unites two of the greatest comedic talents ever to grace the planet - Robin Williams and Terry Gilliam. As the knight errant, Robin and his fantasy world are such vivid creations they can't possibly fail to move you.
The sequence as he follows the object of his affection through Grand Central Station is just classic.

The final denouement between Jeff Bridges and Williams - where you finally realise the connection between them - is a breathtaking piece of writing and acting.

I warned you - I'm an ount and out fan!smiley - winkeye

Robin Williams

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several, a/k/a random

keep writing what you feel. there oughta be a Guide entry.
smiley - musicalnote

Robin Williams

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I recall the part on Live At The Met where he talks about the difference between British and American policemen. When a criminal is running away from a policeman in Britain, the policeman shouts, "STOP! Or I'll......shout STOP again!" Observational comedy at it's best.

Robin Williams

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EncyBass-: Not going to be around much next week, cos I've got a new job...

I'm with you on "The Fisher King". My favourite bit has got to be when he explains where the little fat people came from...
"y'know, when you have one of those really satisfying bowel movements that borders on mystical"
Said with a childish charm. Brilliant.
smiley - boingEncyBass

Robin Williams

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i think that robin williams is a fantastic actor, his sytle,flamboyancy and his funny accents I think it's cool.

Robin Williams

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I have heard that 'One Hour Photo' is really great and Robin Williams does creepy, obsessed guy very well.

I think he's amazing, but 'Patch Adams' and 'What Dreams May Come' do nothing for me. I think 'Mrs. Doubtfire' is completely hilarious, however. I also love 'Toys.' I think that movie is brilliant.

I have laughed until tears squirted out of my eyes at Robin Williams. He is absolutely hilarious.

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