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Phobias from Previous Lives

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I had a dream. It was persistent, and black with terror. It was religious and would wake me every night praying against my terror - "Holy Mary mother of God - etc etc " I am not religious. I was about 50 yrs old, sort of mid life, and becoming scared to go to bed each night. I went to see a medium, who told me she could not help but she put me in touch with somebody she called "a regression therapist". To cut a long and fascinating story short, over a period of time I found myself being guided by a deeper, higher, remoter part of myself, each time I was put into a state of deep relaxation by the therapist. I was telling myself where to go and assisted by the therapists questioning, which was totally unsuggestive, I moved into what I can only call a 'past life' as a young priest in mediaeval France. The inquisition were after me, and eventually caught me. I was questioned for a long time, so frightened I had to be supported at the elbows by my guards. I was eventually strapped to an obscene wooden table, and prepared for torture. I started to pray, hysterically. I suddenly opened my eyes, left my relaxed state and said to the therapist - "Thats my dream, its exactly my dream". I had no more nightmares. I have since met a number of people who have had similar experiences. The therapists explanation was that once that particular past life trauma had been brought into my Conscious, it was healed. I have explored many past lives since then, and joined with many others in similar pursuit. If you are religious you will say we imagined it all. We know better. I am now 80.

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Phobias from Previous Lives

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