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Fear of Driving

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Val( Patron Saint Of Chorley )

I passed my test 1st time about 8yrs ago, and cannot get over the fear of driving on my own.In fact, I don`t even drive now and if I`m asked by anyone if I do drive, I now say no.The roads frighten the life out of me now and I don`t think I`ll ever get over my fear.Mind you, I think I`ll need lessons on how to handle a car now.

Fear of Driving

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I passed my test two weeks ago and have decided to sell my little car (bought as badly needed motivation) and embrace public transport.

I hated driving lessons - both with my instructor and with my husband - and it took me a year of weekly lessons to get up to a decent standard. The thought of going out on my own is horrible! I thought it was just me though... it is a relief to know there is someone else who can't bring themselves to do it. It scares me that I could not drive for 30 years from passing the test, and then get in a car and drive down a motorway without needing to have any refresher lessons?! Insane. I'd even get cheap insurance for having a clean licence for so long!!

I am fed up of people now asking me if I have been anywhere yet... I think I am going to follow your lead and say I don't drive in future!

Fear of Driving

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

I don't drive either.

I've sat my test 3 times, but my fear gets the better of me every time. smiley - wah
I loathe everything about driving! smiley - monster
I'm fine as a passenger but as soon as I'm behind the wheel I get overwhelmed by the responsibility of controlling a dangerous machine and start to get claustrophobic and panic.

I now tell people that it's unseemly to drive, especially for a lady of my calibre. smiley - winkeye

smiley - rofl

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