A Conversation for Tips on How to Live in a Shared Household


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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Our crowning achievement in the shared student house that I liveing in is our rostering (or rotaing) policy. Bacically we have a wall in our kitchen devoted to rosters, which started out having the 'Bin emptying roster' which came in to affect and has been effective. The punishment for not emptying the bin on your day is that fingers will be pointed.

However it's now become a tad silly with rosters covering all aspects of life from the 'what acronymn to use when roster' to the 'roster adding roaster' a well as the 'who should talk to random people roster' and who could not have the 'has the rapture come yet' roster.

I guess it's funnier if you actually live there.


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the Chairmaker

How do you point someones fingers?
Pencil sharpener? (one of those desk mounted ones would be quicker & you could hold the persons hand steady....)


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Miranda (Make tea! Yes, Cissdur, it's still me)

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