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Mouth odour - halitosis

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Did you know that the prime cause of halitosis is poor oral hygiene?

The pong comes from the volatile sulphur compounds released by oral bacteria.

The best way to counteract this problem is to improve your toothbrushing technique and to floss every day to get rid of the plaque accumulations in between teeth. Gentle tongue brushing or scraping can also be helpful.

Mouthwash is NOT the answer - be wary of those which are alcohol based as they have a drying effect on the lining of the mouth.

Mouth odour - halitosis

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Sea Change

Mouthwash can be the answer.

There is at least one product available in the USofA (usually at a Pharmacy-I think you call them chemists in the UK) that uses enzymes instead of alcohol.

Mouth odour - halitosis

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Why waste money on mouthwashes, some of which have very 'dubious' claims to efficacy, when flossing does the job AND prevents/treats gum diseases - which these bugs are also responsible for.

Mouth odour - halitosis

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Sea Change

Are teeth necessarily the major source of halitosis?

I am not inclined to floss my uvula.smiley - biggrin

I use the enzyme mouthwash for other reasons, medication I take is responsible for dry mouth and also other odors. I am indifferent to the dubiousness or not of their claims of bacteriolysis, but enzymes as a rule are powerful chemicals. Another plus on their side is they don't put painful quantities of (usually minty) flavoring it their product.

Mouth odour - halitosis

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The odour producing bacteria live in the gingival crevices - or pockets if there's gingivitis or periodontal disease. They also live on the tongue and around the tonsils.

Many commonly prescribed medicines cause xerostomia - dry mouth - and in these cases a mouthwash containing fluoride can be helpful - best used at a different time from toothbrushing. There are also various saliva replacement gels which can be useful. Gentle brushing or scraping of the tongue may also be of value.

People who have reduced salivary function are at greater risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. They can reduce these risks by effective toothbrushing and by cleaning interdentally every day with floss, tape or bottle-brushes. Sugar intake also needs to be watched.

An interesting exercise - take some floss and use it between a pair of molars. Remove floss from mouth and sniff - smiley - yuk 'nuff said! smiley - smiley

I don't think flossing of the uvula will ever catch on smiley - silly. Some of my patients have enough trouble getting it past the pre-molars - or bi-cuspids as you guys call them! smiley - biggrin

Mouth odour - halitosis

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

I don't think flossing of the uvula will ever catch on
better not continue with the thought concerns mars/faithfull/jagger/ progression should get you there...
more by way of smiley - footprints

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