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Chalaza Researcher 16977

Reading your article brought back great memories my own badge days. The wierd part for me is that at one time or another I've worn a few of the badges you've described. I personally think the bathtub chain served as a constant reminder of how quickly 'things' can go down a drain!

I.D. You

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Too true! But they usually let you keep the chain. When working for 'a well-known aircraft manufacturer' we were told to hide our badges when off site in case anyone decided to copy them and gain access to the site. Since all the doors had card locks as well, this seemed a bit pointless. But then, security and logical thinking are not words commonly found in the same sentence.

I.D. You

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The CIA does that too. On an 'On The Inside' TV show, all the spooks had their badges in a shirt pocket.

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