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Lapsang Suchong is some of the finest stuff I have ever had. It is the only tea that I regularly use loose leaves to brew (that is, I dont use the bags unless I am rushed). It really is worth just that little extra bit of care in preparing. I will agree that it is a very strong tasting sup, but the upshot is, because of that, I am the only one in my family that drinks it. A lot. During exams last semester, I went through 40 bags (I was rushed) in 5 days. I then had to break a caffeine addiction, but it was worth it. I found that even though it is not as powerful, the taste has me prone to drinking 6 or 7 cups a day, which more than make up for it. I think my roomie was about ready to kill me as well because of the smell. The first time I brewed it, he thought there was a fire outside.
On a(nother) sidenote, I've found that brewing half LS with half English Breakfast Tea (all Twinnings) provides a good wakeup cup being both strong and very flavorful(American, ha).
That being said, I do drink it black, even though I neither drink nor smoke. Just doesn't taste right otherwise, but then I'll probably be a big fan of single malt when I start drinking. Ahh well, thats enough of that.
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i couldn't agree with me more.

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best stuff

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