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English Pub Names

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Have you heard the ripping yarn about the Priest and Nun. If not, maybe it is only a Cock and Bull story like the one about The Priest and Choir Boy

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

Does this by any chance commemorate the time that Balaam, the most elastic man in the Bible, tied his ass to a tree and walked to Jerusalem?

I think we may be stretching this joke a bit. Ha-ho. smiley - smiley

English Pub Names

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Researcher 45560

Here's a good name for a pub, I saw it during a hiking trip in Scotland ......... and before you ask, no I can't remember where it is.
It was called " The Likkit & Spit".

English Pub Names

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Researcher 46024

There used to be a wonderful restaurant in Waterville, Maine, with the same sign - a woman with her head tucked under her arm. It was called The Silent Woman. If the food hadn't been so good, I would have avoided the place.

English Pub Names

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This is a matter of fierce debate as there is also a pub in Rochester which has the same claim.
While on the subject there's a pub near the A303 with a sign on the wall reading 'Next Left and Left Again' which
are instructions for how to get to the pub but I know someone who thought it was a really unusual pub name.

English Pub Names

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SPINY (aka Ship's Cook)

Scootish pub names are no less inspired, by the way. Here in Edinburgh, the boringly-named Green Tree became The Old Cow after the landlord fell out with his wife.

Long-time (but now disputed) holder of the Best Pint in Town crown is The Gravedigger's. You'll have to ask a local where it is, though, as the sign above the door says The Athletic Arms. It's called the Diggers because it's next to two cemetries.

My nomination for best pub in this town is Bennet's, next to the King's Theatre: great beer, great atmosphere, and some of the best woodwork, mirrors and decor you'll see. Close second is The Abbotsford in Rose Street, practically out of the same mould.

English Pub Names

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

In NZ most of our pub names are boring. the Masonic, Criterion, Terminus, Royal, Crown etc. A new one in my town is called The Grumpy Mole. Maybe things are looking up.

The Blue Boar

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There's a rugby Union team in a town 100km from where I live and they are called the Blue Boars- The way they drink the pub could be named after them!!

The Blue Boar

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

If they are loud, boisterous and good at rugby, they could possibly be the London New Zealand team. If they are rude, obnoxious and poor at rugby, they could be the London Australia team. Just joking Aussies, true, I've been drinking. Ouch, let me go.

The Blue Boar

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This team is a team of typically Ocker Australian men who live, breathe, drink and root country Australia. They are all from a small town in northern New South Wales, Australia!!

The Blue Boar

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Whistles a heartstoppingly, tender version of the theme from Tom Dooley as he hangs his head in shame.

Not a Cock & Bull Story

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Eric Cartman

Ah!! But, the problem with that is that I ACTUALLY WORK in the Cock Hotel, and so I know that the story is true. If you don't believe me, The Hotel is on Stony Stratford High Street.

71 High Street
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1AH

The Blue Boar

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Researcher 37324

this is another Australian one...I live in Melbourne but come from London so found the pub names a little strange. One night a friend asked me to meet them at "The Grey Starling" at last I thought a pub with a real name. I went at the oppointed time and walked up and down the street looking for the pub. The only one I could find was the Grace Darling....close but no banana as they say here

English Pub Names

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the potter

It can be noted that some 'modern' pub names are actually more traditional than people think. It's just that people no longer understand the significance. For instance, the 'Pig and Truffle' has recently been scorned in my part of the world as a silly modern name, by people who obviously think that pigs live in barns, and truffles are a type of soft chocolate. These people do not realise that truffles are in fact a type of fungi much sought after by pigs (and probably wild boar, blue or not) who snuffle after the truffles with their snouts, under the fallen leaves of their woodland homes. in fact, pigs have often been used to sniff out truffles for humans who, although considering the truffle a delicacy, lack the sensitive nose required to find one.

English Pub Names

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Pinky Parker-Tourettes

I'm confused, 'cos there's one in Cheltenham called the "Goat and Bicycle", apparently something to do with an old radio programme of the Tommy Trinder "where's me washboard" sort.

Anyone shed any light on how many wheels the goat should have?

English Pub Names

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Big Al

You can't fool us. Stony Stratford is part of Milton Keynes.

But yes, apparently the story is true.

English Pub Names

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Big Al

Unfortunately not a fun pub.

English Pub Names

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I work next to the Elephant and Wheelbarow in St. Kilda, Melbourne (Australia)
The food is an Australian's idea of english food, and the walls are completely plated in cricket photos, rifles, warming pans, horse brasses and stuffed ducks. Believe me it may be a rebadging, but it's entirely prefab. The saddest thing is, if you're going to try for an old english pu style, why have a neon sign out the front. Belive me, this pub is as english as french fries.

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