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Weather dice

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I don't get this. A Die is rolled before everyone places their pots to determine whether the weather is looking good or not...and a die is rolled after everyone's decided to determine if the weather is good or not.

But nothing is mentioned as to whether or not the first die influences the second? Surely it should! Otherwise there's absolutlely no point in rolling the first die, except for i guess filling the silence.

How about if the first Die is under 3 (weather looking good), then the outcome of the second die is divided by 1.5. Vice versa if the first die is 4 or over. Makes it more interesting in my opinion, rather than having a useless roll of a die.

Weather dice

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Hilarious Joke

What don't you get? I love dice. The first weather dice roll does seem useless.

Maybe the author of the article forgot to put in another small rule about the first and second dice rolls. Perhaps there should only be one roll. And what is meant by one player (the teacher in classrooms) deciding the current?

Your idea about having the second die number divided by 1.5 is a good one (have you tested it?). It seems a bit more confusing however. Still, the older years should be able to manage it easily.

Weather dice

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I haven't tested it, but dividing by 2 or multiplying by 2 would be too high.

I'm sure the author must've left something out there. There's just no point to the first roll :/

Weather dice

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the first dice is useless, it is simply rolled for gaming effect.

spooksmiley - aliensmile

Weather dice

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Math - Playing Devil's Advocate

In terms of teaching surly this can be used to highlight that one dice roll as zero impact on the next.
My other thought was you could lead on from this into game theory...

Weather dice

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I've just literally started a course on Game Theory yesterday, but I'm in the final year of a Bachelor's degree - I think that kind of stuff is a bit heavy for little kids smiley - biggrin

~ smiley - towel

PS I think I'm going to include a slight variant of the weather dice thing, as suggested here, in the online version of Lobster Pots.

Weather dice

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Montreal Geek

May I point out a simple, obvious solution to the first-die problem? There is current that day if the second roll is less than or equal to the first.

Should be roughly as accurate as any weather forecast, I would think. smiley - smiley

Weather dice

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Hilarious Joke

Does anyone else have any dice games? smiley - smiley I enjoy random things.
Like the weather. smiley - smiley

Weather dice

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listen damo, i'm only going to say this once, so listen up all of you!

i'm hungry...so deal with it!

Weather dice

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Hilarious Joke

Notice Joe that with that comment you effectively shut this conversation up for five weeks?!

It's good to be on the Guide again. How I've missed it...

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