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Doctor Who: Evolution of a Title Sequence

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You mentioned the end titles rolling over a black
background in the Hartnell and Troughton stories,
but did not mention the end titles for
Season 11 and onward.

Also do you know the name of the font
used on the end titles for Season 18 to
19 and are they the same as that of
Seasons 20 to 24?

Doctor Who: Evolution of a Title Sequence

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

That's because the end titles for the colour stories were, generally, the same as the opening titles: the First Pertwee titles used the standard red diamond motif, with just a couple of exceptions where that diamond image was played upside-down (notably on the end of The Green Death, for its last appearance). The titles for season 11 used the blue diamond tunnel from the opening titles, while the Tom Baker titles used the very familiar golden tube from the opening titles.

The titles from season 18 - 23 simply played the opening titles backwards, while those for seasons 24-26 were played over the moving galaxy that appeared in the opening titles. From 2005 onwards, the end titles have been a stylised version of the red tunnel from the opening titles.

As for fonts - the Restoration Team (the gang who cleans up all the audio and DVD releases) has compiled this handy guide to the fonts used in the series:

http://uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/rtfaq/faqpage.html#q1.18

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Doctor Who: Evolution of a Title Sequence

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