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Lovely piece that takes me back to my formative years in Somerset. I wish you'd mentioned the trough for returning balls to the players though. This was just a long wooden Vee that ran downhill from sticker upper to player. Made of very old, warped, oak planks it always reminded me of the Flintstones - proper Stone Age technology. It came as something of a culture shock when we moved to Birmingham and I was introduced to the Cine-Bowl at Stirchley.

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Yes, good point, I'd forgotten about the trough. I think where I played it was a little bit more elaborate than a v slot, but it certainly hadn't been modernised much. The balls used to rumble down it and smack into a bit of cushion and leather at the end. Remembering the sound of that really brings it back - it must be 10 years since I last played.


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At one time, in my long ago youth in the 70's & early 80's Gloucester City had more skittles alleys than anywhere else in the country!!!

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