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I read somewhere that there's 11 teaspoons of sugar in a normal can of coke.

There are so many of those horrific spam mails going around as to the differences between coke and water that my consumption has reduced to almost nothing!

Diet Coke however, whilst having none of the taste charm of Coke doesn't use such sugar compounds, it uses something carcinogenic instead! Mmmm.


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Carcinogenic? I'm pretty sure Aspartame isn't a carcinogen. All it is is a dipeptide - phenylalanide and aspartamine, I think. Those are just 2 amino-acids, and you'll get a whole lot more of them in, for example, a steak.

*shrugs* But I do seem to remember hearing from someone that it was a carcinogen.. heh, but pretty much everything is, isn't it?


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Sheep in wolfs clothing

I have just read an article about Aspartame by Nancy Markle and posted a conversation in the "'You Are What You Eat' - The Impact of Diet on Behaviour" (thread 322128).
The article suggests that Aspartame can contibute to multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus and even Gulf War syndrome.
Check out the thread and let me know what you think.

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