A Conversation for Ways of Making a Good Cup of Tea

Tea Inserts?

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

I am curious what kind of things people put into thier tea.

Sugar of course is obvious but my father preferes honey. I must say there is something to it. I have been enjoying honey lately. The combonation of honey and milk is a winning one. Although the addition of so much room temperature or colder liquid tends to cool the tea of rather quick.

Lemon is a class topping and a very tasty one and just today reading this article, mint leaves sounds like a great and pretty idea.

In an episode of sex in the city a Russian character named Alexander drank his Earl Grey with fresh black cherries. I have never tried that myself but I don't see why not.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Tea Inserts?

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

Well since I got so curious about this myself I went on to do some tea-speriments.

I put some ground back peper into my tea, earl grey. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. I couldn't taste the peper until I swollowed the tea, and then it left a pleasent spicy flavor. The trouble was, it didn't take long for all the peper to sink to the bottom of the cup so I had to keep stiring.

I also went ahead and put a little dallap of raspberry jam into my cup and it tasts exactly like raspberry tea, which is exciting to me. Now I can just go buy a series of jams, and have the flavor of tea I want at any time. This is the most exciting tea night of my life!

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