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Talking about that delivery driver........

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Charlie Chips

You are oh so right about the drivers not waiting! You see, lots of them are owner-drivers, and get paid by the load delivered. An hour hanging around is an hour not earning.

I had one working for me who used to keep the nut holding the discharge handle on his truck very loose. When he saw someone appear with a single wheelbarrow to discharge his load (an absolute no-no in concrete truckies terms)he would give the handle a good hard yank so it came off, and then hop around shouting and pretending it was an accident as his load discharged on the ground.

I always felt the resulting wheelbarrow handles sticking out of the resultant mound of concrete looked a little like a construction industry version of a stag antler trophy. One more trophy to the driver, I thought....smiley - winkeye

Talking about that delivery driver........

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Trout Montague

Oh yes. They should put badges on their door like WWI Fighter Aces.


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Talking about that delivery driver........

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