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Opposition section very small...

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The opposition section is very poor.

There is a rational explanation for how pendulum dowsing works; it's called the ideomotor effect outwardly a person believes that they are holding the pendulum very still but in fact they are making small subconcious, imperceptible movements which makes the pendulum swing.

I have made a friend do this with a pendulum. Told her to focus on the pendulum and will it to rock back on forward but keeping the hand still. It worked. I then told her to 'force it' with her mind to turn in a circle. It did.

Of course, believers in dowsing will simply say thats not what happens when one is dowsing and that my method was doing something else to give the same 'effect' but a different cause.

Without this explanation in the entry the piece is not balanced.

Opposition section very small...

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NAITA (Join ViTAL - A1014625)

That was pointed out in peer review and the opposition section was added. Before that the entry was even worse, but as you say it's still blatantly biased towards the woo.

That's part of the reason I eventually stopped visiting (this is my first look back in a couple of years), when h2g2 says the edited entries should be about the real world and be factual, they mean the real world and facts as perceived by the members, not as understood by science.

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