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I recommend Tim Park's delightful books about verona

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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

I fell in love with Verona after Reading "Italian Neighbors: by British expatriot Tim Parks.

He also wrote "Italian ways," "An Italian education," and "A year with Verona." The last was a chronicle of Parks's trips with Hellas Verona football club, to capture the ups and downs of competitive football as played in Italy.

I learned a lot of contemporary Italian mores from these books. Such as: what kinds of coffee should you order in the morning, versus the afternoon? Do Italian schoolchildren eat lunch at cafeterias, or do most of them go home to have lunch? How do Italian parents ensure that their married children will have a place to live? How crazy are Italian football roadies, to say nothing of the players themselves?

I recommend Tim Park's delightful books about verona

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I lived in Verona for three months in 1995 - nice to see and article about it smiley - smiley

For me, missing here are two notable castles. First Castel Vecchio which is very distinctive and features in famous (Titian) paintings of Verona. And 2 a massive castle in the hills overlooking the city which is famously where Theodoric the Ostrogoth had his seat for some time.

But those are personal additions I would put in.

Thanks for writing this and sorry if I misread and you put these in anyway smiley - smiley

Verona is also extremely close to Lake Garda which is beyond beautiful and just a small bus ride away

I recommend Tim Park's delightful books about verona

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No, I misread - humblest apologies - they are there smiley - winkeye

I recommend Tim Park's delightful books about verona

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Strange how I remember Theodoric's castle as massive but the article makes clear it is just a small(ish) church building on that site now.

How the memory plays tricks. I think I am maybe mixing it up with Hadrian's tomb castle in Rome.

I must go back there one day. So very different to mid and Southern Italy.

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