A Conversation for A Beginner's Introduction to the Bible

An Epic!

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Icy North

Great entry, Dmitri. I don't know quite how you steered a non-confrontational path through this one, but it's a triumph.

Except that one man's Can of Worms is another's Inalienable Truth smiley - winkeye

An Epic!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

Thanks, Icy. smiley - smiley And you're right - there are a lot of different points of view.

An Epic!

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

Last Summer I read Genesis through Leviticus. At other times I've read Job, Ruth, and selected Psalms, as well as scriptures that have been fitted to music. And some of the Gospels in Sunday School way back when.

We're looking at the mores of earlier times, when, for instance, people like Jacob had four wives, or Saint Paul insisted that women be quiet in church. (This last aspect seems to have led to all-male choirs.) Gay rights have often been impeded based on scriptural interpretations. But wcriptures can be interpreted in other ways.

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