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The Mysterious Ditto

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Gnomon - time to move on

Ditto is now available; I spotted one in a gym this morning (24th November). It looks like a small, happy, purple blob.

Rather than repeating what other people say on the net, I'll post details here when I have personally verified them.

The Mysterious Ditto

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Gnomon - time to move on

Ditto has the ability to impersonate other Pokémon.

Catching a Ditto:

You will encounter a common Pokémon such as a Weedle, Pidgey or Magikarp. When you try to catch it, it looks exactly like what you thought. When you succeed in catching it, it turns into a Ditto, whose CP may be much higher than it was pretending to be.

For example, the CP10 Magikarp that I caught this morning turned out to be a CP142 Ditto.

Fighting with a Ditto:

In a gym battle, a Ditto will impersonate whatever it is fighting against. If you have your Electabuzz up against a Ditto, you'll see the Ditto for about a second and then he will change into an Electabuzz, with all the Electabuzz's attack abilities.

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