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Bad timing!

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Shockingly bad luck that this got published within a few days of the release of the 7th edition ruleset. smiley - smiley

I have to raise a slight query about the claim that WFB is more popular than 40K. I get the impression that 40K is comfortably outselling fantasy at the moment and has been for a while, hence the decision to release 7th Ed 40K (when many of us were expecting 9th Ed WFB this year), persistent rumours about WFB armies being amalgamated/dropped, and so on...

Bad timing!

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

Yes, I know, bad timing, but I didn't want to wait much longer with publishing this. smiley - laugh

And yes, you may be right about the current popularity...

The new Edition seems to be published because the last one was very unpopular. They will make changes to the way psychic powers work and also to the whole army organisation. I guess I'll have to update this Entry once I definitely know what the new rules say.

What I'm quite cross about is what they did to the Imperial Guard and the stupid renaming. I think they even erased Marbo from the rules and all the new models were rather bad.smiley - sadface

The rumors about Fantasy armies I'm not sure about. There were also rumors that they would drop the Wood Elfs and now see what they did...smiley - magic

Bad timing!

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I believe GW got into a heap o' legal trouble when they tried to trademark the name Space Marine, so to avoid similar issue with Imperial Guard they changed the name. I expect the next iteration of C:SM will be called Codex: Adeptus Astartes, or something like that.

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