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This is an interesting study, but I wonder if he would have developed the same attitudes if he had not been initially raised and presented as male?

I don't decry his efforts. Just wonder if his questionable start may not be quite the ideal to look up to.

Frankly, on the face of it, it sounds rather like abuse, firstly by the mother and those supporting her, then by both parents.


Interesting history

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I do mention in the Entry that his situation was more complicated than simply "nurture versus nature" - there are many more transgender people who were raised as the sex they were assigned at birth and who still realised they were different. And indeed the sad case of David Reimer shows that raising a non-transgender boy as a girl didn't work - the boy knew he was still a boy, even though they tried to pretend he wasn't.

Not an ideal start in life for Sandor by any means, and very sad that he had to struggle to live the way he wanted to after both his parents changed their attitude towards him, but his story has made a difference to those who follow his footsteps...

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Interesting history

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Thank you for your response.

And again, for the excellent article.

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