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Hi. I came across this post in the past and I thought this was very useful since I just recently became one or so I think I am. Here’s some info that I would like to share and maybe some of you ladies can give me the TLC or advice.

For about over a year, I was talking to this man. We were kind of like coworkers and we were talk practically every week. Fast forward to the summer time of 2017 and I took the courage to ask the person if they were seeing somebody since I figured we sorta liked each other. He said that he’s married but him and the wife have different schedules (I’m guessing they weren’t home together often or whatever I don’t know). I was fine wh it but didn’t ask his number cause that will be real weird to ask after learning the fact.

After that encounter, we still talked about random things and still flirt with one another during work. Then towards the end of the year, he begin asking personal questions that I kind of knew at the time a married person should not be asking a single person. I wasn’t bother by it at all. In fact, I was kind of flattered by the friendly approach. Then towards the end of the year and by the beginning of the New Year, he approaches me at work while no one was looking and asked for my number. I gave it to him because I kind of do want to get to know him more. Here’s where things get interesting and confusing.

For the first few days, we would text back and forth almost all the time. In the text, we were discussing about me becoming his mistress. We set some boundaries and I told him that I was starting to go on Birth Control. He was fine with it (or so I think so) and after texting for about a week, I haven’t seen him or have gotten any text back. I only see him once a week usually, but now I really haven’t seen him. I know I’m not suppose to contact him since there’s a huge possibility that the wife will see him talking to me. But I’m kind of worried. I’m not in love or anything but just really confused. Should I just assume that he’s just busy or no longer interested in me after I told him that I was going on birth control?

I’m real new to this stuff if you already guess. I’m still going to live my life but I was hoping to have some little fun during my free time or should I say his. I’m not looking to be in a committed relationship since I’ve learned that being single and Non-monogamous is really my thing. I also need to take care of personal issues real soon so I don’t want too much anxiety build up in me from my busy life.

Hope to get some advice!

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Feeling sorta Confused

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